October 30, 2011

Reading: Revelation 7:9-17 (RSV)

Today we celebrate all the saints; we are remembering people we have loved who have died. The loss may be recent for some, or just as poignant now as at that first moment. What helps you in your grief? Has someone handed you a tissue or helped you wipe away tears? People have done that for me. The feeling I get is a little embarrassment, and a lot of companionship.

Today’s reading is a description of one scene in the Revelation to John. He sees people from every nation and tribe and language group. They have all come to God after a time of great turmoil and distress. And God shelters them with His presence. God feeds them and guides them, and wipes away every tear.

What a hope-filled message that is! God is present and He sees both our needs and our sorrows. God even soothes my embarrassment at being caught in a vulnerable moment. With God as our companion through grief, our souls can relax and enjoy His peace.

Let us pray. O, ever-present God, we thank you for your companionship through times of grief and sorrow. We marvel at the helpers you have directed towards us in our times of need so that we can feel your presence through them. Amen.


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