April 1, 2012

Reading Mark 11: 1-11 (NRSV)

When you think of parades you have enjoyed, what comes to mind? Drums playing, marching music, synchronized footsteps? Colorful floats, uniforms, fancy costumes or flags waving? People lining the street; kids scrambling after wrapped candies tossed to the crowd? One of my favorite parts is looking up the street for whatever comes next in the parade!

Today’s scripture tells the story of the Palm Sunday parade. Jesus is the Grand Marshall. He tells his disciples where to borrow a colt for him to ride into Jerusalem. Imagine the fresh-cut branches and warm bodies; imagine the muffled clop-clop of the colt’s hooves over garments and branches on a stony road. Imagine the dry earth, the press of people wanting to see Jesus, the shouts of “Hosanna!”

It was a short parade—one man on a colt. But when they saw Jesus, the people shouted about what would come next. Seeing Jesus meant that God’s kingdom was coming next. Seeing Jesus meant seeing God’s love, poured out in vulnerable human death and glorious resurrection. Hosanna!

When you see Jesus, what comes next for you?

Let us pray. O, God of infinite blessing, thank you for your presence with us through whatever comes next in our lives. Even as we experience fear and grief like the disciples when Jesus was crucified, may we hold tight to your loving hands in anticipation of the resurrection. Amen.


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