November 4, 2012

Reading Revelation 21:1-6 (NRSV)

Today’s reading forms part of John’s vision or “revelation” about times to come. Much of the book of Revelation contains vivid descriptions, sometimes of beasts we’ve never encountered, and events we hope never to witness.

Reading about John’s vision reminds me of a dream I had last week. It occurred in those last minutes before waking up in the morning. As vivid as it was at the time, the details faded even while I tried to relate them to my husband. The main thing I remember was complexity. At least I had no endless falls or towering tsunamis from which I usually wake up with my heart racing! Even without analyzing the details, which I couldn’t remember anyway, the dream gave me hope that the coming hectic week would not overwhelm me.

Today’s passage describes the new heaven and new earth in which we will know that God is dwelling with us. God’s presence will make all things new. Even without analyzing the details, we can have hope that the times to come are still in God’s hands. What is coming will not overwhelm us, because God is with us in this life, both now and in any life hereafter.

Let us pray. O, eternal God, thank you for dwelling here with us. Help us to hold out your hope to any who are anxious about this life or your hereafter. Amen.


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