March 24, 2013

Reading Luke 19:35-40; Mark 14:43-64 (NRSV)

Today’s scriptures recount Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and, later, his arrest and trial.

When Jesus rides into the city on the original Palm Sunday, the disciples praise God joyfully. They have heard Jesus teach and seen him perform deeds of power. Which of their experiences do you think contributes most to their expressions of faith that day?

Later in the same week, the religious authorities accuse Jesus for his teachings, and challenge him to perform additional miracles. The disciples have deserted him. The high priest calls his prophetic use of scripture blasphemy. The council condemns Jesus as deserving death. What do you think they need to change their minds about Jesus?

Personally hearing Jesus or witnessing miracles does not guarantee belief. And even those who believe for today may desert for tomorrow. What does it take, then, for someone to commit to a steadfast faith?

What is it that contributes to your own belief?

How do you share that with others?

Let us pray. O, Blessed One, you loved us so much that you gave us Jesus to live on earth and experience life as we know it. We read that he chose faith in you rather than avoiding the cross. May our faith grow to match his example. Help us to share the blessings of your love that the whole world may know the peace of heaven. Amen.


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