March 22, 2015

Reading Revelation 3: 14-22 (NRSV)

Have you ever been “wishy-washy”? What was the occasion? Deciding on a career course? Moving to a new location? Investing in a relationship?

In today’s reading, an early church cannot decide which course to take. They are wishy-washy; neither hot nor cold in their church activities. The author tells this church to take action: to become rich, clothed, and seeing according to God’s terms.

What action is best? We know a family that mulled over their living situation for months. Finally, they asked themselves, if we did decide to move, what would be the first thing we would have to do to follow that course? Then they did the first step.

Jesus stands at the door, knocking. He makes the first steps very direct: to hear Jesus knocking, and to open the door. Jesus does not wait to see if we are too hot or cold in our welcome. He comes in if we hear and open the door. Then he will eat with us and we will have the joy and privilege of eating with him.

If you did decide to act according to God’s terms, what would be the first thing you would have to do? Open the door to Jesus?

Let us pray. O, God, you say you love us, so we know you are knocking at our door. May we hear your voice and open the door so we may eat and live in your presence. Amen.


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