June 14, 2015

Reading Matthew 25:1-13 (NRSV)

Have you ever gone to some event and discovered you have forgotten something critical? Maybe you forgot your notes for a speech, or the ring for a wedding. When I was a teenager, I once forgot my boots for a family backpack trip! Imagine my dismay, an hour into a multi-hour car ride, thinking of my flimsy sandals on that rocky terrain. Fortunately, my brother was generous enough to loan me the athletic shoes he had on. It was especially kind of him because I had just teased him for forgetting his special backpacking cup!

Whatever else we did on that trip, the forgotten item became the thing most remembered.

In today’s reading, Jesus tells a parable about bridesmaids who forgot something. They did not bring enough oil to keep their lamps lit when the bridal couple arrived. Unfortunately, those bridesmaids did not have a generous brother nearby to meet their need. They missed out on the wedding celebration. I bet they remembered to bring extra oil the next time!

Jesus says that God can come into your life at any time. Are you ready? Have you forgotten anything?

Oh, Yeah. Now I remember. Bring a heart prepared to receive God’s love.

Let us pray. Thank you, God, for accepting us as we are and filling our hearts with your love. May we generously share that love with others so that they will open themselves to you also. Amen.


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