December 13, 2015

Reading Revelation 3:20 (NRSV)


Today’s reading tells us to Pay Attention! God is standing at our door, knocking.

This image reminds me of a time when we were teaching our grandson how to knock on a neighbor’s door. He was under 3 years old. He couldn’t reach the doorbell. His little knuckles made a very soft knock, very low on the door. I don’t know how anyone inside could have heard it unless they were listening for it. But the look of expectation on his face was worth the effort to teach him. If the door stayed closed, we told him to try again. If the door opened, he walked right in.

Can you imagine the same look of expectation on God’s face waiting at our door? God certainly has more patience than a three-year-old, so will not turn and walk away if the door stays closed. But the same readiness to walk right in is there, because God loves us and wants to be with us.

Listen! God is knocking. Do you hear it? Have you opened the door? God will come in and join us in our daily lives, if only we will open the door.

Let us pray. O, God, we know that you love us. In the person of Jesus, you walked and ate with us. You say that you stand ready to enter our lives again at any time. Help us to listen for your knock and open the door. Amen.


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