April 24, 2016

Reading Luke 16:8-13 (Good News Translation)

In the verses before this reading, Jesus tells about a manager who had a creative but dishonest way of handling finances.

The scheme reminded me of the friends money managers might make when loaning freely, and the problems that follow when bundling too many at-risk mortgages together for investors.

In today’s reading, Jesus says the supervisor may admire the manager’s shrewd calculation of worldly motivation, but dishonesty ultimately yields a lack of trust.

Money and other resources in God’s world do not really belong to us. They have been entrusted to us. We must manage them honestly, as if shares in God’s world belong to everyone equally. When we show that we can be trusted with money, perhaps we can be entrusted with life decisions that are even more important.

On U.S. coins and bills we see the words “In God We Trust.” Maybe we should turn around the concept. We could look at the money God gives us and imagine God’s words: “In People I Trust.”

Are we honest enough to handle God’s trust? Do we show faithfulness in our management of God’s gifts?

“In People I Trust.” Imagine that. And remember to serve God, not money.

Let us pray. Gracious God, thank you for entrusting us with so many gifts to manage. Help us to consider the trust you have placed in us when we make decisions about how to spend, save, and earn money. Amen.


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