August 14, 2016

Reading Matthew 7:24-27 (NRSV)

Today’s reading makes sense: when you build a house, build it on rock instead of sand.

Of course. Why would anyone choose to build on sand?

Maybe because building on sand seems cheaper and faster; and floods, rising sea levels, and earthquakes will never affect my house. I can always build a wall to protect it.

But sand is only cheaper if I don’t count the cost of losing everything. It’s only faster in the short term. Disasters can affect my neighborhood, and no wall can keep all troubles away.

Many people would choose to build on rock if they could tell the difference. How do you tell if it’s rock?

Jesus says: when you choose to act on God’s teachings, it’s like building your spiritual house on rock. How do you tell rock from sand?

It’s rock if it aligns with the commandments to love God, love self, and love neighbor. It’s rock if it acts as if God’s creation is valuable and worth caring for. It’s rock if it remains true when challenges come.

We have a choice. When we choose to build on God’s rock, storms, earthquakes, and troubles may still come, but our spiritual house will not fall.

Let us pray. Creator God, thank you for providing the rock on which we can anchor our faith. May our trust in you stand the test of adversity and support us as we reach out to comfort others. Amen.


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