April 23, 2017

Reading John 14:15-21 (NRSV)

This week, our adult son called his dad to talk over career decisions. I was touched and thankful that they have such a close relationship. They probably did not say “I love you” in that call, but love was evident to me.

What evidence do you need to know you are loved?

Perhaps you need the words. In today’s reading about love, the word “love” appears 5 times. In each case, love is a verb. The ones doing the loving are followers of Jesus, Jesus himself, and God.

The reading also describes loving behaviors. To love Jesus means to follow his teachings. Jesus promises not to leave us orphaned; he will come and show himself to us. God gives the Spirit as a helper to live in us along with Jesus.

Not everybody has seen Jesus in the flesh; not all have seen or known God’s Spirit.

Some do not even know a parent’s love.

What evidence might they need to know they are loved?

If Jesus lives in our flesh, we will not leave them orphaned. We will come; we will help; we will show God’s love in our words and behaviors.

Let us pray. Loving God, you have given us life so that we can know you. Thank you for giving us Jesus to show us how to love, and your Spirit to help us live it. May our words and behaviors provide evidence to others that you love them. Amen.


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