May 7, 2017

Reading Luke 24:13-16, 28-35 (CEB)

I once received critical feedback that I was “resistant to change.” I was amazed; life was continually changing as a graduate student and mother of two children under 5! I also thought, “Doesn’t everybody resist change, to some extent??”

We believe that thinking and doing things in the same way will keep things stable and predictable. “Uncertainty” is blamed for an unstable stock market and unpredictable election outcomes. We don’t like uncertainty. Change threatens us.

But stability has drawbacks when the status quo is not good for all. Not changing some of our behaviors predicts that our world heads toward huge changes, possibly catastrophic. “Not changing” can also threaten us!

How do we tell what changes we should embrace?

Today’s reading recounts lives that change after the crucifixion. Two disciples do not recognize the resurrected Jesus as he talks with them on the way to Emmaus. Perhaps they are resistant to change. When Jesus breaks bread with them, they suddenly know him. They change. They embrace new life with their hearts on fire; Jesus lives and they want to share it!

Hearts on fire to share a living Jesus: perhaps that’s a change we, too, can embrace!

Let us pray. Living God, as much as we resist change, we thank you for a world that is constantly evolving. Help us to open ourselves to the possibility of changing for the better, for the good of all, now and in the future. Amen.


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