September 24, 2017

Reading Luke 12:13-21 (NRSV)

Today’s reading reminds me of kids fighting in the back seat of the car: “Mo-om. Make him stop bothering me!” The parent says: “Here’s the line down the middle of the seat. You each stay on your side of the line!”

The next comment may be: “Mo-om. He’s crossing the line!”

In the reading, someone says: “Je-sus. Make my brother share with me!”

Jesus refuses to draw a line for them. He warns the brothers against greed that severs relationships and splits up families.

Then Jesus tells a story. A rich man sees all he has and likes it. So he builds bigger walls and ceilings to store all his things.

Notice that the man thinks only of himself. By building walls to protect his possessions, he has drawn a line that separates him from others. He is too focused on his own things to see what others might need; others have no opportunity to share their lives with him. His riches isolate him.

Jesus says that life does not consist of the abundance of possessions.

If we can get past drawing lines and building walls to demarcate our territory, we might have a chance to build true relationships.

Life in relationship with others and God is, indeed, a heavenly treasure!

Let us pray. Generous God, you give us so many treasures. May we see our riches as a means to help others in need, building relationships rather than lines around our territory. Amen.


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