December 3, 2017

Reading Matthew 14:23-33 (NRSV)

My family was planning to see an action movie. They did not invite me. I would be too scared. They want entertainment; I just get anxious waiting for something bad to happen.

Everybody is scared of something: bad things might happen.

In today’s reading, the disciples in the boat are terrified of the figure walking toward them on the waves. They think it is a ghost. They want miracles but reject this one out of fear.

Jesus reassures them: “it is I.”

Peter promptly asks Jesus: “command me to come to you on the water.” When Jesus says “come,” Peter steps out of the boat and starts walking toward Jesus. He’s doing it! He’s walking on water!

Perhaps his success frightens him. When Peter looks around, he starts to sink.

“Lord, save me!”

Even strong believers are afraid sometimes.

But Jesus reaches out his hand, catches Peter, and they get into the boat.

What are you scared of?

In an uncertain world, bad things do happen.

But are we also scared of miracles? Does faith-based success frighten us?

Jesus reassures and reaches out a hand. We can do the same for each other.

Let us pray. Saving God, thank you for the miracles you enact every day. May we both look for your miracles and celebrate when we see them. Help us to continue our faith-based work even when success is as scary as failure. Amen.


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