April 8, 2018

Reading John 20: 19-31 (NRSV)

Are you a “doubting Thomas”?

In today’s reading, Thomas doubted that his fellow disciples had seen Jesus. After all, Jesus had died. They had laid the body in the tomb. How could he appear and talk to them? Wishful thinking might have fooled the other disciples, or someone might have staged an elaborate deception. Thomas was pretty sure he wouldn’t have been fooled. No one could fake the holes Jesus had in his hands and side. That was his test. He wasn’t going to believe on someone else’s say-so.

When Jesus comes again, Thomas has no need for his test. Jesus already knows his doubts and speaks to him personally. Thomas whole-heartedly believes: “My Lord and my God!”

What is your test?

Is it enough that we tell the stories of resurrection–that we sing Alleluia on Easter?

Or do you need Jesus to stop all wars?

To get your candidate into office?

To answer a specific prayer?

Maybe you believe that Jesus rose from the dead, but you don’t believe he cares about you, personally, as he cared about Thomas.

What will it take for you to say whole-heartedly: “My Lord and my God”?

Let us pray. Living God, thank you for seeing us when we doubt, and loving us anyway. Help us to show that same love to our neighbors, so that they, too, may know your love through a personal connection and not just on our say-so. Amen.


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