April 29, 2018

Reading Psalm 104: 1-9; 24; 31 (NRSV)

Do you rejoice over your own good work? Or is that too much like bragging?

When I prepare a favorite food, I am embarrassed to show how much I like my own cooking. In my head I am saying, “Mmm, that is so good.”  Or, “I just love this!” I don’t say that out loud very often. It seems so immodest.

But today’s final verse says, “may God rejoice in God’s own works!”

May God rejoice.

That’s not bragging. God has a lot to rejoice about!

God’s clothing is honor and majesty, wrapped in light. God stretched out the heavens to ride chariot clouds on wings of wind. God set the earth on its foundations, and had the waters run down to the place that God appointed for them.

God made the creatures. God made us!

Picture God saying, “Mmm, that is so good! I just love this!”

It is up to us to care for the earth and all the creatures in it so that God continues to have something to rejoice about.

When God rejoices, we, too, will have something to rejoice about!

Let us pray. Creator God, thank you for the marvels of earth, heavens, oceans, and all the creatures you have made. Help us to care for your creation that you may continue to rejoice over your own good work! May we show the same love of our neighbors that you have shown for us. Amen.


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