May 6, 2018

Reading Luke 19: 1-10 (NRSV)

In the old children’s song about Zacchaeus, Jesus says, “For I’m going to your house today. I’m going to your house today!”

Jesus breaks all the rules of polite behavior, inviting himself. Zacchaeus could have taken offense.

Instead, Zacchaeus is “happy to welcome him.” And when Jesus gets there, he blesses Zacchaeus: “Today salvation has come to this house.”

I feel God’s blessing when I look back on times when guests have come to my home.

During an event, I am sometimes too busy hosting to notice the blessing.

But last night, we hosted one portion of a church progressive dinner and then moved on to another home. There, I had leisure to see the blessing. I saw one woman’s look of absolute delight as she looked at the family treasures represented in pictures and displays. She expressed her joy at coming to people’s homes. I remembered, then: it’s not just the food and shelter, it’s the intimacy of sharing our lives that is the blessing.

Opening a home means sharing your space, allowing people to know you better, whatever that physical or spiritual space looks like. It means opening yourself for a blessing.

Is Jesus coming to your house today?

Are you happy to welcome him?

Let us pray. O, God, you knock on our physical and spiritual doors to bring us a blessing. May we open to you joyfully as we open to our neighbors in your name. Amen.



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