May 13, 2018

Reading Isaiah 66: 13 (NRSV)

In my mom’s old recipe box, I can tell which recipes got the most use. The cards, scraps of paper, or magazine cut-outs are worn, faded, stained with multi-colored splotches, and jagged at the corners. Sometimes the handwriting has almost disappeared. Funny thing, two-thirds of the most-worn cards are for cookies or some other dessert. Comfort food.

I remember making cookies with Mom, and having dessert with a meal she made. Comfort food, served with love.

In today’s reading, the prophet quotes God, saying, “as a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.”

Can you picture God standing over the kitchen mixer, adding flour to butter and sugar, preparing food to serve with love?

Or maybe you can picture God more easily shaping the planets and stars, molding the mountains and valleys, setting forth the clouds and wind and rain, creating an earth to give to us with love.

Like the best of mothers, God hears your cries, holds you for comfort, listens to your concerns.

Like Mom, God does not turn back the clock to before you scraped your knee. But a kiss, a band-aid, and a cookie help.

Let us pray. Thank you, God, for comforting us in times of sorrow, pain, or frustration. Thank you, also, for the mothers in our lives who hear our cries, hold us for comfort, and listen to our concerns. May we pass along that comfort, along with a cookie, as needed. Amen.


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