May 27, 2018

Reading Galatians 1: 6-17 (NRSV)

Thank God for the apostle Paul! Without Paul to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, Christians might not be on our current path today.

Or maybe so.

Because Paul says that the gospel, the good news of Christ, does not come from humans; it is not taught. Instead, we receive the good news by revelation. Our path changes when God reveals Jesus to us.

Paul tells the story of his own revelation. He starts out as a Jewish scholar, on fire to get rid of this new “church” that turns away from traditions he zealously defends. But then God reveals Jesus, the son of God, to Paul.

And Paul feels a call to proclaim Christ to the Gentiles, to non-Jews, perpetually interacting with people outside of his own culture and traditions.

Paul has to stop what he is doing. He starts on a new, challenging path.

We, also, must receive a revelation of Christ to start a new, challenging path.

Has God revealed Jesus to you? Have you received this good news?

Thank God for helping us in our new, challenging path!

Let us pray. O, God of the new path, thank you for revealing your Son, Jesus Christ to us, as the ultimate gift of your love. Thank you, also, for giving us choices, so we can choose a new path. May we choose a path that proclaims your love for all people. Amen.


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