June 3, 2018

Reading Romans 5: 1-5 (NRSV)

I got a nice compliment this week from a junior colleague that I sometimes mentor: “I feel like I get more knowledgeable just standing next to you.”


I sometimes feel a reflective glow standing next to my adult kids. I admire them. I hope some of their good qualities rub off on me. So I sort of understand what my colleague was saying.

Today’s reading says something similar about “this grace in which we stand.” We stand in grace; we have obtained access to this grace through Jesus. By spiritually standing near Jesus, we get some of God’s peace. And in standing by the Holy Spirit, God’s love gets poured into our hearts.


Who you stand by matters.

If you want knowledge, associate with people from whom you want to learn. If you enjoy the arts, associate with creativity.

If you value the richness of God’s diverse creation, stand by someone different from you, and open yourself to learn from them.

Who do you stand next to? What qualities are you gaining from them?

By the grace of God, when we stand next to Jesus, we gain God’s peace.

Let us pray. Bountiful God, thank you for your willingness to share with us. We only have to draw near to stand in your grace. Help us to learn not only your peace, but also how to share the love you have for all of creation. Amen.


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