July 1, 2018

Reading Isaiah 43: 16-21 (NRSV)

In today’s reading, God says, “I am about to do a new thing.”

Amazing. God announced that change will occur.

I wish my computer server had done that last week. Nobody told me, a computer novice, that the computer system would change by itself! Instead, I was blindsided. My research application stopped working. Automatic updates had made my programs incompatible.

I just wanted everything to go back the way they were!

And yet, for most changes in life, we cannot go back, and we rarely receive notice.

My computer change was not earth-shaking; it did not involve life and death. Still, sadness nearly paralyzed me.

I had no power to fix it. I did not trust that anyone else could.

Finally, I consulted with others more skilled; as of today, I am back online. I can look forward instead of mourning the past.

God’s people received notice of God’s new thing. Still, they looked to the things of old. Perhaps they had trouble trusting.

But, God has the power to make rivers in spiritual deserts. God’s changes are life-giving, providing a new source of water for thirsty people.

We can trust God. God’s new thing means we can look forward with joy.

Let us pray. Gracious God, you have the power to bring water to our thirsty souls. Help us to embrace your new thing. May we seek ways to transform the world that all people might have water for life. Amen.


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