December 2, 2018

Reading Matthew 9: 19-21 (NRSV)

A woman who has been ill for 12 years touches the fringe of the cloak of Jesus, hoping to be healed.

Twelve years! Can you imagine the daily energy loss from continuous hemorrhaging? How can she still have hope that something will change? Where did she get the vision of a new life without this illness?

We see so many people who have lost hope.

Someone like her may have gone to her primary care doctor and multiple specialists. She could have tried numerous alternative treatments and suffered untold side-effects. Physicians will have labeled her condition chronic. Nothing will have helped. She likely used up her lifetime healthcare benefits. After some months or years of bleeding, she might be resigned to her fate, isolated from society, depressed, unable to participate in life. She may grow accustomed to a restricted existence.

If this woman did not always have hope, what changed for her? If she was isolated, who reached out to share the miracles of Jesus? Who told her about the possibility for a new life?

Would she have heard about God’s healing powers from you?

Which of your actions brings hope to the hopeless, to give them a vision of new life?

Let us pray. Bounteous God, thank you for giving us Jesus who fulfills hope. Help us share our hope of a new life lived abundantly. May we celebrate when others see hope fulfilled through emotional, spiritual, or physical healing. Amen.


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