December 9, 2018

Reading Luke 2: 1-20 (NRSV)

“Glory to God…and on earth peace…!”

Why should these two ideas come in the same angelic chorus? What links them together?

A baby has been born in Bethlehem and lies in a manger. An angel proclaims the good news to some shepherds: this baby is a Savior, the Messiah, the Lord. The heavenly host chime in with praises to God. “Glory to God!”

They could have left it there. God is the one sending Christ. We didn’t do anything.

So where does Peace come in? What does peace have to do with this baby’s birth?

God could have sent a warrior Messiah, physically powerful, a super hero to fight all our battles. Wouldn’t that have been a better savior? God could have won a tremendous victory, wiping out everyone that did not bow down to the creator.

Instead, God sent an infant. Small, vulnerable, requiring love to grow. Someone we could relate to.

Relationship. Not conflict.

Peace is part of God’s package. Peace on earth expresses God’s intent.

Christmas could have been all about God. Instead, Christmas is about God AND us.

God WITH us.

The angels knew it. Do we?

Let us pray. Heavenly God, thank you for making your love come in a relatable package. You sent a Messiah for us to care for rather than to battle with. May we learn what the angels knew, that Baby Jesus is the link between you and peace on earth. Amen.


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