April 22, 2018

Reading 2 Corinthians 9:10-15; 1 John 4: 19-21 (NRSV) Do you write thank-you notes? Have you ever written a thank-you note for someone's thank-you note? In essence, I do that when I thank people who contribute to a charity in memory of my mom. Their donation is a thank-you note to Mom for her contributions … Continue reading April 22, 2018


July 24, 2016

Reading 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 (NRSV) Today's reading tells us that "God loves a cheerful giver." Why should God love a cheerful giver more than anyone else? Very few people are cheerful all the time, and I don't believe God loves me less when I am sad, mad, or even selfish. So, what does "cheerful" signify … Continue reading July 24, 2016

November 20, 2011

Reading: 2 Corinthians 9:1-12 (RSV) Today’s reading in Paul’s letter to a church in Greece is about giving. How appropriate to read something about giving on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Historically, though, this holiday was about getting: getting to a new land, getting connected to the people already there, and getting enough harvest to last … Continue reading November 20, 2011