June 23, 2019

Reading Acts 9:23-25 (NRSV) Who do you identify with in today’s reading? Are you acting against a threat—and against your principles—like those who plotted to kill Saul? Are you feeling persecuted like Saul, fleeing for his life? Are you finding creative solutions like Saul’s disciples, lowering Saul in a basket to escape down the city … Continue reading June 23, 2019


June 2, 2019

Reading Acts 16: 16-34 (NRSV) What do the saints mean to you? In my Protestant upbringing, I never paid much attention. But this week I have been hearing about two Celtic saints: Cuthbert and Columba. They performed healing miracles and spoke of God’s love. What should we think of them? Can their lives mean anything … Continue reading June 2, 2019