February 17, 2019

Reading Luke 6: 17-26 (NRSV) Crowds came to hear Jesus and be healed. They all tried to touch him; perhaps they were asking, "What about me?" Jesus addresses everyone. To those who wonder if God cares, Jesus says: Blessed are the poor....the hungry...those who weep. God's blessings include inheritance in God's kingdom, fulfillment, laughter. Jesus … Continue reading February 17, 2019


December 30, 2018

Reading Luke 2: 41-52 (NRSV) Jesus was born, and then he grew up. Last week, we celebrated his birth. In today's reading, Jesus is already worrying his parents. It is a huge misunderstanding. His parents think Jesus is with the group; when he isn't, they look all over Jerusalem. After finding him, Mary chastises Jesus. … Continue reading December 30, 2018