April 29, 2018

Reading Psalm 104: 1-9; 24; 31 (NRSV) Do you rejoice over your own good work? Or is that too much like bragging? When I prepare a favorite food, I am embarrassed to show how much I like my own cooking. In my head I am saying, "Mmm, that is so good."  Or, "I just love … Continue reading April 29, 2018


October 8, 2017

Reading Psalm 13 (NRSV) The writer of Psalm 13 is having a very bad day. With heart and soul full of pain and sorrow, the writer keens to God: "How long will you hide your face from me?" Sometimes, I have a very bad day. I cannot see where I have changed anything. I hear … Continue reading October 8, 2017

Advent 2016: December 8

This devotion was written for my church's daily Advent devotional book. Reading Psalm 30: 5b, 11-12 (NRSV) The media bombards us with bad news: bickering politicians, natural disasters, fighting, refugees far from home, grieving loved ones. I recently got overwhelmed with despair for this broken world. But then I went to choir practice, where we … Continue reading Advent 2016: December 8