July 15, 2018

Reading Mark 6: 13-16 (NRSV) Today's scripture says, "Jesus' name had become known." What is Jesus known for? He and his disciples cast out demons, cure the sick. People say he is a prophet, like Elijah. King Herod says he is John the Baptist, raised from the dead. Who is King Herod? What is he … Continue reading July 15, 2018


February 25, 2018

Reading Mark 7:31-37 (NRSV) Today's story is simple: “they” bring a patient to Jesus and beg Jesus to help him. Jesus performs a mysterious operation, says, “Be opened,” and the man is healed. I read today's story while attending a healthcare conference. In today's environment, the story could have been much more complex. Did the … Continue reading February 25, 2018